For the first signs of the now famous OLDBREAKOUT band, you can dig as far back as the middle of the sixties. In 1964, Tadeusz Nalepa and Mira Kubasińska started a beat band called BLACKOUT, which in 1968 evolved into the blues rock formation, BREAKOUT. Both bands are still well known today and have been seen as true Polish rock legends.
Group sold over million records.

The leaders are no longer with us, but the surviving members of these bands met in 2013 in Józefów at the annual blues festival Lep Na Bluesa, which is dedicated to the memory of Tadeusz Nalepa. With the inspiration of their good friend, vocalist Kazimierz Pabiasz, they decided to go on stage together for the first time in almost half a century… ! All of a sudden magic happened. They invoked unbelievable memories for the completely surprised audience. This impromptu performance touched many and thrilled both the musicians and the audience. It was a good instinct to start something again. The band took the name OLDBREAKOUT and started playing concerts and festivals around the country. In a short time, they found themselves in the studio recording a new album. It was released in 2014 under the title, “Za Głosem Bluesa Idź” (“Follow the Call of the Blues”). Impressively, the legendary song- writer and poet Bogdan Loebl wrote all the lyrics for this album, the same song-writer who had written so many historic pieces years ago.
The revived band’s concerts include old favorites from the seventies as well as fantastic new material written in the spirit of the BREAKOUT style.

The current band has original members of BLACKOUT and BREAKOUT: Jacek Korzeniowski on keys, Tadeusz Trzciński on harmonica, Bogusław Maciej Kubicki on bass. The band has also incorporated new musicians: Piotrek Ożerski on guitar, Kazimierz Pabiasz on vocals and guitar and Dariusz "Wodzu" Henczel on drums.